ISPPP 2022

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Title: Novel Single-Use AEX Technology for Optimized Downstream Purification and Viral Clearance.

Dr. Hani El-Sabbahy


Resin-based chromatography is the current go-to choice for downstream polishing processes especially at commercial scale However new challenges faced by bioprocessing such as single-use flexible manufacturing would destine the adoption of membrane absorbers But even with the promised benefits of membrane absorbers why has adoption not occurred Is it cost Is it robustness and scalability In this talk 3M presents barriers to the implementation of other commercially available membrane absorbers and how 3Ms combined expertise in materials science and bioprocessing delivers a next-generation membrane absorber in Polisher ST featuring a dual anion exchange non-woven chromatographic media that offers data-driven scalability robustness viral and problematic host cell protein clearance and overall process intensification and simplification that can fundamentally improve and replace your current polishing chromatography processes.



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