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Sunday Afternoon Workshop 

 2 pm to 5:00 pm

Coral Reef 1


Purification and characterization of protein superstructures and gene therapy vehicles


Instructor: Alois Jungbauer

Institute of Bioprocess Science and Engineering

BOKU University and Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology


Complex protein structures such as VLPs, viral gene therapy vectors or lipid nanoparticles require new concepts for purification and characterization, as they differ in size from conventional proteins. The basics for the purification and characterization of protein superstructures and gene therapy vehicles will be discussed, such as convective chromatography, continuous ultracentrifugation, extraction and hybrid methods. Emphasis is placed on physical size, composition and how such materials can be detected using light scattering methods, other optical phenomena and biochemical methods. Strategies on how to build a platform technology for this class of biomolecules will be discussed.


Alois Jungbauer                                                
Department of Biotechnology
BOKU University (BOKU)

Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

Vienna, Austria

Professor Alois Jungbauer holds a doctorate in food technology and biotechnology from BOKU. He is a retired professor of Downstream Processing at the Institute of Bioprocess Science and Engineering at BOKU University and an adjunct professor at the University of Adelaide. He works in the bioprocess engineering of proteins, viruses, and gene therapy vectors. He has published more than 400 papers on recombinant protein production, bioseparation and advanced materials for bioprocess engineering, 17 patents and 12 book chapters as well as a monograph entitled “Protein Chromatography, Process Development and Scale Up”. He co-founded the Biotechnology Journal and served as executive editor. He is also Vice President of the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Science.

Sunday Afternoon Workshop

2 pm to 5:00 pm

Coral Reef 2


Poly-/Oligonucleotide separation in biopharmaceutical processing and their quality requirements


Instructor: Dr. Egbert Müller

Senior Scientific Advisor Tosoh Bioscience GmbH


Oligo- und Polynucleotide-based therapeutics such as single-stranded antisense siRNA and mRNA or double-stranded DNA plasmids have been investigated over the last decades and their promise as a new drug modality is now being realized. There has been tremendous development since the first antisense approach in living cells in 1978. The growing interest in nucleotide-based therapeutics is driven by the high potential of the treatments of a variety of medical conditions, the growing number of FDA-approved oligonucleotide drugs, and an increased focus on personalized medicine and on the development of therapies for rare diseases. The increased demand for nucleotide-based therapeutics requires a cost-effective and easy scale-up from research amounts to commercial needs. For synthesis, separation, chromatographic methods and other non-conventional methods are discussed, whereby the different production processes have a significant impact. Moreover, from a quality perspective, the regulatory requirements will be discussed during the development of an oligonucleotide trajectory towards a commercial product.


Dr. Egbert Müller                                            
Senior Scientific Advisor Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Heidelberger Landstrasse 45 64297 Darmstadt-Germany

Curriculum Vitae

1983 Master thesis in chemical Thermodynamics (TH


1986 Ph.D. in Liquid-Liquid Equilibria Thermodynamics (TH


1986-1989 Head of the analytical group at the department for insulin
and peptide purification at the comp. Berlin-Chemie
1990-2001 Development of resins and membranes for Bioseparation
at the research department of comp. Merck KGaA

2003 Habilitation in the area of bioseparation entitled „Polymer
Surface Modifications – a Method for the Preparation of
Resins for Biochromatography“

2001-2023 Technical Director, Separation Techniques comp. TOSOH

Bioscience GmbH (Stuttgart and Griesheim)

2023 – today Senior Scientific Advisor comp.Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Additional activities:
Lecturer at the  University of Darmstadt for "Industrial Biotechnology" and at the University of Karlsruhe for “Analytical Bioseparation”