Free Vendor Seminars

Exhibitors and Sponsors:  A limited number of one-hour Vendor Seminars will be offered on Wednesday and Thursday during lunch and will not compete with the oral or poster sessions. The Vendor Seminars provide opportunities to get acquainted with the latest developments in equipment, media, and services available on the market. The Vendor Seminars are free to symposium registrants. Symposium registrants who wish to sign-up for the free Vendor Seminars must pre-register.

A limited number of vendor seminar time slots are available. Exhibitors who would like to present a Vendor Seminar should contact the ISPPP Exhibit Manager, Ms. Janet Cunningham, at (phone 301-668-6001), and complete and submit the Vendor Seminar Agreement.



Wednesday Lunch Vendor Seminar

12:00–1:15 PM  Wednesday Free Vendor Seminar Sponsored by Wyatt Technology Corporation

"Analyzing Protein and Polymer Molecular Weight with SEC-MALS"

Presenter: Eric Seymour, Applications Scientist, Wyatt Technology

Location: Adams Room, 3rd floor (light lunch will be provided)

Must register at the Wyatt Technology exhibit by Wednesday @10:40 AM

Molar mass is among the most important properties of a protein.  Size exclusion chromatography is a well-established technique for protein characterization, often used to estimate molar mass.  However, while SEC allows us to isolate protein aggregates and fragments, molar mass determined from column calibration is not always accurate.  This seminar will explain how coupling multi-angle light scattering with SEC enables the determination of absolute molar mass without the need for reference standards.  SEC-MALS works for glycoproteins, PEGylated proteins, and hydrophobic proteins that are not compatible with the traditional column calibration approach.  Other case studies include ADCs, detection and quantification of aggregates, advantages of UPLC-SEC-MALS, and at-line process monitoring.



Thursday Lunch Vendor Seminar

12:00–1:15 PM  Thursday Free Vendor Seminar Sponsored by Agilent Technologies

"Learn  the Latest Developments in Chromatography and High Performance LC/Q-TOF Eliminating Workflow Limitations"

Alex Zhu , PhD. Agilent Technologies BioPharma Applications Specialist

Location: Adams Room, 3rd floor (light lunch will be provided)

Must register at the Agilent Technologies exhibit by Wednesday @10:40 AM

Bioanalytical LC/MS protein quantitation analysis is traditionally performed by monitoring signature peptides from enzymatically digested samples based on targeted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) techniques.  While this technique does offer the highest level of sensitivity, it has two significant limitations: inability to observe unexpected molecular species as well as possible artifacts introduced through sample handling.  Quantifying at the intact protein level avoids these limitations, but faces separate challenges of sensitivity and reproducibility.  Using the latest developments in chromatography and the high performance 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF, we establish a highly sensitive and reproducible quantitative method that spans an impressive linear dynamic range.