Lecture and Poster Presenter Guidelines

Lecture Guidelines


We are providing these instructions to speakers in order to minimize the chances of technical difficulties with the presentations and to ensure that the presentation schedule is maintained. Your cooperation with these instructions is critical for a successful conference and we thank you in advance for your kind assistance with this.


Poster Guidelines

An integral part of ISPPP are the Poster Presentations. These posters convey the latest breaking research and are extremely important. Participation in the poster program is strongly encouraged by conference participants as it promotes scientific dialog between researchers and many good ideas are generated from these sessions.

We look forward to your participation in the ISPPP Symposium. Once you receive confirmation that your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation, it is important that you confirm your intent to present the poster by registering and paying the registration fee online. Authors presenting a poster must be in attendance at their poster boards during the hours listed in the scientific program. It should be noted that all papers are accepted based on the understanding that one or more of the authors will complete the registration process to attend the conference as a conferee to present their work. In addition, by submitting the abstract you accept that the abstract may be emailed to meeting participants as part of the scientific program. Please plan to attend both days of Poster Sessions noting all posters will remain up for viewing all day Wednesday and Thursday. The schedule showing the day to present the poster will be included in the online scientific program nearer the dates of the meeting and will be listed in the Final Program handout that you will receive onsite. If you submit several abstracts, and many of them are accepted for poster presentation, it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your posters are covered at the assigned Poster Session presentations times. If you have more than one poster scheduled at the same time, please ask a co-author to help you or withdraw the extra posters. Note, if a co-author presents the poster, the co-author must also be registered as a conference attendee (not booth staff). Those with an exhibitor only badge will not be permitted to present posters during poster presentation times.

All poster presentations should be put up on Wednesday, July 10. Do not remove your poster until after the poster session ends on Thursday afternoon (be sure to remove the reprint envelope where people leave business cards to request reprints of your abstract – anything remaining after the exhibit closes will be discarded). Poster presentations will be numbered in the Final Program handout that will correspond with the poster board number and  its abstract located in the program. The poster number will be located in the Author Index at the back of the Final Program that you will receive onsite.


Poster Set-up

Poster Board Size


Poster Preparation