ISPPP 2019 Scientific Program

ISPPP 2019 Scientific Program - click here

The ISPPP 2019 Conference Committee invites you to join scientists from around the world who will deliver some of the most cutting-edge presentations on the separation, purification, and characterization of biologically important molecules, much of which is based on HPLC/UHPLC/Mass Spectrometry. The Symposium will provide opportunities to present and discuss key developments and applications, productivity and financial challenges, and novel approaches related to biological molecule separations and analysis focusing on the latest innovations in technologies that are critical in clinical and biopharmaceutical research, and are requirements in the manufacturing and quality control of new biotherapies and diagnostics. It's an exciting time for the separation science of biological molecules. The field continues to grow and adapt, enjoy better materials, instruments and methods, and a seeming never-ending list of interesting molecules to work on. Vendor Exhibits. The Exhibit will provide access to the latest advances in media, equipment, and services. The program will ensure ample opportunities to meet commercial suppliers featuring state-of-the-art instrumentation, equipment, stationary phases, columns, etc. in an integrated lecture, poster, and booth display area within the facility. Exhibitors will also have an opportunity to present workshops.  

Preceding ISPPP 2019 will be PREP 2019, the 32nd International Symposium & Exhibit on Preparative and Process Chromatography that will be held the same week in the same conference venue. For people seeking comprehensive coverage of bio-chromatography from process scale to analytics, a single, discounted registration fee will provide access to both the ISPPP 2019 and the PREP 2019 Conference. Both conferences will organize a full day overlap for joint technical program activities to take advantage of technical content and networking synergies. Registered participants from either conference may attend any PREP and ISPPP session that takes place on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. See and for details.